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Are you addicted to Mafia Wars? Are you having sleepless nights just trying to level up and to build up your Godfather points? Are you trying to beat all the other Mafias and stay be top rank among your friends? Are you a new user and would like to dominate the game in no time at all? If so, then you would really be able to get a lot of help from tried and tested game tips for Mafia Wars.

Mafia Wars, developed by Zynga, is rising in terms of popularity. It is a social networking game that can really become addicting to anybody regardless of age bracket. If you are among the millions of aficionados out there, having access to really useful game tips are essential. They will help you in your goals to expand your Mafia Wars band and, at the same time, help you in leveling up much faster than your other friends. If you are armed with the right game tips, anything is possible.

You would of course hate getting robbery notices constantly when you’re playing Mafia Wars. It is terribly annoying since you would be losing money. Instead of getting discouraged in playing, you, of course, would want to retaliate and give other Mafias a dose of their own medicine, even more. The good news is that you need not stress over the game this way. The right game tips for Mafia Wars will be able to help you. Here are among the most helpful:

1. Do not start your day with a mission that would enable you to get the biggest rewards. You should always do those that will be able to assure you more bodyguards.

2. Accomplishing the most number of missions that you can possibly accomplish is always good since it will give you the chance to level up really fast.

3. You need to have a mastermind in order for you to efficiently operate your gang.

4. Attack other gangs in order for you to become more reputable and stronger at the same time.
Doing these game tips will enable you to gain the experience that you need in playing the game and, at the same time, help you in playing the game right. You will be able to manage your businesses properly and make them flourish. You will also be able to avoid fights that would be detrimental to your gang. Try them out today and be rewarded.

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